The STDT holds regular telecons and face-to-face meetings to discuss current issues related to science and technology of OST.   These are open to the community. Contact us at the email below to find out more.

In addition, we have six science working groups (SWGs) that meet regularly via telecon to discuss, in depth, the OST science capabilities and how they can inform the mission.

We welcome participation from interested scientists in any of the six SWGs:

  • Disks and Protoplanets: Klaus Pontoppidan ( and Kate Su (
  • Exoplanets: Kevin Stevenson (, Tiffany Kataria ( and Jonathan Fortney (
  • Galaxy Evolution over Cosmic Time: Lee Armus ( and Alex Pope (
  • Milky Way, ISM and Nearby Galaxies: Karin Sandstrom ( ) and Cara Battersby ( )
  • Early Universe and Cosmology: Matt Bradford ( and Joaquin Vieira ( )
  • Solar System: Stefanie Milam (


To contact the OST STDT or any member of the study team, you can send an email to:

You can also follow us on Twitter: @NASAOriginsTele